Sunday, 23 February 2014

If you have a story, what are you waiting for!!!

Hi beloved writers!!

Let me give a brief about me and my work! I am Rohith and I edit an e-zine that gets published twice a month. The specialty of this magazine is that it carries only 5 stories (of various genres) in each of its issues.

Our first issue is out in March! It will be available on all the online platforms around the world, so, the writer gets a global readership.

If you want to submit to this magazine, here are some guidelines:

  • Though we like to have a huge collection of stories, we do not encourage multiple submissions from a single writer. So, always send the best of your works. And most preferably, a single story.
  • The preferred length of the story is 2000-5000 words. But it is not the primary criterion. We do not accept one line/one paragraph/nano stories.
  • 5 Stories – is a magazine aimed at the general reader. It is not a ‘literature heavy’ stuff. We like to have interesting, heart touching, time stopping, breath taking, as well as simple – easy to understand – lucid stories. The very quality of a good story is that it gives wings to the imagination.
  • Keep the language simple, but do not compromise with your style. Keep the plot clear, but do not dilute. Lousy dialogues, shabby characterization, vague plot, complex-unclear story and cluttered language may work against you.

Lastly, we might have got hundreds of stories. But we choose the best 5. Try to be there!

To submit, please hit:


  1. Sounds like a fascinating read, will be taking a look..

    1. Sure Paul. We are striving hard to make it one of its kind magazine for stories.

      Your support is like tonic to us :)